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About Mail Support Services

Who We Are:

When Mail Support Services was founded in 2001, the main objective was to provide on site training and support services for new and existing Mail Manager customers. In that capacity, the founder, Robert Hill worked with many printers that were adding mailing services to better serve their customers.  By helping his clients understand the mailing process, from raw data to addressed mailpiece Robert was able to increase the return on their investment in mailing equipment and make his clients more profitable quicker than the they otherwise may have been.

Since those first days Mail Support Services has added many new products and services to better serve their customers.  Today Mail Support Services still provides educational and technical resources as well as products and services to new and experienced  mailers.  Robert believes that if he can help his clients learn the business of mailing, they will be able to provide better service to their customers and in turn become more profitable.

What Do We Do:

What makes Mail Support Services different than other marketing and direct mail consultants is they are a data centric organization.  That is, they focus on the mailing files first, last, and always.  Whether you need to produce pressure sensitive labels, a laser letters, inkjetting direct on the mailpiece, or a matched mailing with multiple print requirements,  you still need to get the data out of the computer and on to paper.   Furthermore, we need to do so in a manner that meets USPS requirements and various production constraints.  By understanding these requirements and constraints at the beginning, Mail Support Services can develop a processing procedure that will allow you or you mailer to work smarter NOT harder.

So if you need mailing software, mailing lists, data services like NCOA or Walk Sequence append, address clean up and resolution, Mail Support Services can help.  If you are interested in how the steady flow of postal regulation changes will affect your mail or you want to know why you are still getting mail returned after NCOA, Mail Support Services can help.  If you are looking for more effiecient production methods or products that can save you time and money, Mail Support Services can help.

About the Founder:

Robert started in the direct mail marketing industry in March of 1995 as the forth software support representative for BCC Software.  In those early days Robert learned how to reformat files from a variety of different platforms. Integrating Mail Manager 2000 with files from an AS 400, IBM Mainframe, or reading 9 track tape files in EBCDIC or ASCII formats became second nature.  During his down time between phone calls Robert read the Domestic Mail Manual so he could better understand the postal requirements that governed the logic of the products he helped to support.

In those early days at BCC Software, Robert learned first hand how frustrating it can be to learn not only new software and addressing equipment, but also the postal requirements necessary to have mail accepted by the USPS.  By combining his extensive software knowledge with a detailed understanding of the postal processes and requirements, Robert has been able to provide a level of training and service previously unavailable to new entrants into the mailing business.

Today Mail Support Services customers know that the answers they need to postal questions, mail piece design, mailing lists, presort software or anything realted to direct mail are only a phone call away.

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