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Mailing Lists

About Mailing Lists:

It is widely held that the mailing list is the most important component of any direct mail marketing campaign.  It has been said that the wrong message to the right audience will produce better results than the right message to the wrong audience.  Now obviously, our objective is to get it all right but, from the data stand point in order to get the best prospects we need to know a little bit about mailing lists in general.

What is a mailing list:

A mailing list is a collection of names and / or addresses used by an individual or an organization to send marketing or informational material.  A mailing list can be made up of past or current customers or other people that have requested or subscribed to receive information from the sender.  A mailing list can also be rented from a list compiler usually through a list broker.  It is important to note than in general, mailing lists are rented and not purchased.  That is one receives authorization from the list owner to use the data for one mailing.  If a marketing campaign calls for multiple mailings to the same prospects, an additional fee will be charged for the use of those names.

Types of mailing lists:

There are four unique types of mailing lists available to rent.  They are:

Each of these lists has pros and cons depending on the product or service you are advertising. To see what is right for you read on….

Resident Lists

Resident / Occupant (a.k.a. Saturation or Walk Sequence) lists are geography centric lists used to target addresses in an entire zip code or specific carrier’s routes within a zip code.  When purchasing this type of list you will receive all of the delivery addresses or mail stops only (no names provided) within the desired zip code or carrier route.  The data is supplied to list brokers directly from the USPS and must be updated on a regular basis to receive postal discounts.  This mailing method is sometimes referred to as ‘Shot Gunning” since the mailing is sent to an entire area without regard to the demographic makeup of the individuals that receive the mailing.  This list type is excellent for local retailers whos market is based on a neighborhood.  Pizza parlors,  home improvement contractors, and retailers interested in obtaining total market coverage benefit greatly from resident/ occupant mailing lists. There are a limited number of ‘Selects” available on this type of list.  In general though, you should have the option of renting homes (Single Family Dwelling Units), apartments (Multi Family Dwelling Units), or business addresses. Another selection option is to select city routes, rural routes or PO Box routes.

Pro: Lowest acquisition cost and potential postage rates
Con: No method to prequalify leads results in a lower response rate by percentage.

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Consumer Lists

A Consumer list is a list of individuals in a given area that meet specific demographic characteristics.  Since the list is based on the characteristics of the individuals or the head of the households in a specific area, the numbe of records will almost always be less than a resident occupant list for the same area.  Looking for home owners with a household income greater than $80K with kids in your county?  That is a consumer list. There are several compilers of consumer lists and the quality of the data varies from compiler to compiler.  At Mail Support Services, we only use Acxiom data for our consumer mailings as they have been proven to be of better quality and have a much higher deliverability rate than other suppliers.


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Business Lists

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Specialty Lists

  • Ailment Data
  • Automotive Data
  • Business Data- Dunn & Bradsteet
  • Dunn & Bradstreet Hotlist- New Businesses
  • Buyers
  • Children and Families
  • Consumer Data
  • Data Services
  • Donors
  • Email Marketing Services
  • Lifestyle Data
  • Medical Professionals
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Mail Support Services is a list broker with access to a many different types of mailing lists.

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