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BCC Quality Control Tools

Without in-house resources to help you determine barcode quality and accuracy before a job is submitted to the Post Office™, your mailing operations are missing an essential element of control.  BCC barcode quality products deliver unique performance and value to today’s barcode-dependent mailing workflows. All are designed and built to rigorously comply with USPS specifications, and all are endorsed by BCC as the ideal solutions for their respective tasks.

Vision Sensor 2030

This innovative hand-held device enables on-the-fly checks of all leading Postal Service™ barcodes: USPS® PLANET®, POSTNET™, Intelligent Mail® (4-State) and more. A squeeze of the trigger on the VisionSensor’s rugged ergonomic handle allows you to quickly confirm barcode readability and accuracy—for on-demand quality control, and peace of mind without workflow slowdowns. Unlike scanning devices that use lasers or LED technology to read 1D barcodes only, the VisionSensor 2030 utilizes high-end digital imaging to scan and interpret data from 1D and 2D barcodes with point-and-shoot ease. And the VisionSensor 2030’s integrated digital screen and cell phone-style keypad adds even more portable convenience.

Retail Price: $1300

MVP (Mail Verifier Plus)

The MVP uses advanced imaging and analysis technology to examine a mailpiece and verify its likely acceptance against USPS MERLIN® standards. The MVP reads POSTNET, PLANET and Intelligent Mail barcodes, adding to its versatile in-house power. This is the only commercially available product able to perform a full range of MERLIN-compliant barcode and reflectance validation checks.  The Finely calibrated hardware and software work together to confirm adherence to exacting USPS standards—all before the mailing is completed in your system, let alone submitted to the Post Office.

Retail Price: $6150*         

*Includes extended warranty package 


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